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Tannas Co. & King Refrigeration, Inc. Precision Laboratory Instruments for Routine Testing and Advanced Research & Development of Engine Oils, Lubricants, and Related Fluids


Evaporation Loss  |  Volatility Test

Test Method

ASTM D5800


The Selby-Noack features automatic temperature control and vacuum control for running ASTM D5800, Procedure C.  This unit was designed to correlate to the original Wood's Metal method (Procedure A) with no correction factors, and can be calibrated to the lab environment using interchangeable orifice caps.  Constant temperature is maintained with a noble-metal heater instead of hazardous Wood's Metal.

The volatilized material is automatically recovered during the standard Noack test and can be analyzed for phosphorous or sulfur content or other elements.

This compact, self contained unit makes it ideal for small bench space requirements.  

Features & Benefits

  • First commercial non-Wood's Metal heating system
  • 'Tunable' to the atmospheric conditions of each lab
  • Only Noack system to collect volatile products during the test for further evaluation
  • Used for Sulfur Emission Index & Phosphorus Emission Index (PEI)
  • Automated vacuum control & built-in vacuum pump
  • Digital RS232 output for recording of vacuum and temperature
  • Does not require hood placement - eliminates hood effects on vacuum control
  • Self-contained unit with very small-footprint
  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • CE Mark

Reference Oils

SNL-75  |  Low Volatility Noack Reference Oil
SNC-150  |  Medium Volatility Noack Reference Oil
SNH-200  |  High Volatility Noack Reference Oil

For a complete listing of part numbers and available container sizes of Selby-Noack™ Reference Oils, please review the Tannas Reference Oils & Catalysts Parts List.

Visit our Certified Reference Materials page to download SDS sheets or Oil Certificates.

Spare Parts & Accessories

450126:  Manometer - Inclined - Vertical (0-130 mm)
470023:  Selby-Noack Software Package (laptop or PC required)
470001: Reaction Flask Top
450139: O-Ring - Reaction Flask Top
470002: Reaction Flask Bottom Assembly
450110: Coalescing Filter Element
450135: O-ring - Coalescing Filter
460029: Vacuum Tubing - Tygon 1/4” ID
470009: Thermocouple - Dual 8.3" Assembly
470017: Thermocouple Sheath Assembly (Stainless Steel)
470008:  Orifice Tube Assembly (Stainless Steel)
470012: Pump Filter Housing Assembly
450138: Pump Filter Element
450136: O-Ring - Pump Filter
450136: Stirrer Bar
550031: Gripper Gloves
040045: VarClean© Cleaner
040034: SNH-200 Reference Oil
040032: SNC-150 Reference Oil
040035: SNL-75 Reference Oil