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Tannas Co. & King Refrigeration, Inc. Precision Laboratory Instruments for Routine Testing and Advanced Research & Development of Engine Oils, Lubricants, and Related Fluids

King KV Bath

Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Test Methods

ASTM D445   |   ASTM D2170   |   ASTM D6074           

DIN 51550


ISO 3105                 

JIS K2283

Models Available

KV801   |   Low Temperature (+30°C to –40°C)        

KV802   |   Low Temperature (+30°C to –70°C) 

KV803   |   High Temperature (+30°C to 150°C)


King Kinematic Viscosity Baths measure low temperature, ambient, and high temperature viscosity of fluids and lubricants covering a range from -70°C to 150°C.  These standard manual KV baths, with self-contained refrigeration systems, offer an alternative to costly automated devices.  Accommodates up to (4) KV tubes for low temperatures and (6) for high temperatures.

The KV is a widely used test for a variety of industry specifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Digital microprocessor temperature control for accurate, easy-to-read bath temperature.
  • Precise temperature control and stability +/- 0.01°C.
  • Hermetic refrigeration system with built-in safety features.
  • Non-CFC refrigerants – ozone friendly and readily available.
  • Air-cooled refrigeration system – quiet in operation, hot room tested.
  • Built-in safety features for over temperature and low liquid level conditions.
  • Completely self-contained – no additional refrigeration units or heat exchangers needed.
  • Worldwide electrical compatibility.
  • CE Mark

Reference Oil

LNP-5 – Low Temperature Newtonian Oil

Parts & Accessories

250856:  Viscometer Holders
260026:  KV Cross Arm Insert, Rectangular Assembly (4 position)
260075:  KV Ubbelohde Assembly (4 position)
350190:  Desiccant Assembly
550175:  Desiccant Media (0.45 kg)

King KV Bath

KV802 in Lab

Both KV801 & KV802 models contain hermetic refrigeration systems with low vibration fans for quiet operation.

HTKV803 - High Temperature Kinematic Viscosity.PNG

The King KV803, or High-Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Bath, offers a temperature range of 40°C to 150°C.


The Cross Arm Viscometer Holder available for both the KV801 and KV802 models.


The Ubbelohde Viscometer Holder available for both the KV801 and KV802 models.