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Tannas Co. & King Refrigeration, Inc. Precision Laboratory Instruments for Routine Testing and Advanced Research & Development of Engine Oils, Lubricants, and Related Fluids

Tannas Co. Announces Advanced Instrument Model for Critical Automotive Fluid Specifications

Midland, Michigan: Tannas Co. announces a new addition to its instrument line, the Direct Cool II, the latest model in the Scanning Brookfield Technique (SBT) instrument line utilizing Thermoelectric Cooling.  This model is a second generation of the first non-liquid SBT bath introduced in 2007, the original SBT Direct Cool, designed to eliminate the use of flammable bath mediums.  It too offers a small, dual-position, bench-top footprint, making it ideal for any laboratory setting.

The Direct Cool II performs the two SBT tests ASTM D5133 and D7110, measuring apparent viscosity of fresh, sooted, or highly oxidized engine oils at low temperatures and automatically generating the critical Gelation Index for identifying low-temperature pumpability problems leading to engine failure.  Developed and made available exclusively by Tannas in the 1980’s, the Scanning Brookfield Technique determines the susceptibility of engine oils to flow-limited and air-binding responses during slow cooling conditions – providing continuous rheological data over a broad temperature range (+90°C to below -40°C) – and has been included in numerous automotive engine oil specifications since the 1990’s.

Additionally, the multi-purpose Direct Cool II can be used for running the automated low-temperature viscosity test for ATF, hydraulic fluids and gear oils per the new ASTM D2983, Procedure D technique.  The dual-position design allows operators to test two samples simultaneously, or the ability to run a reference sample alongside an unknown sample as indicated in the ASTM method.

“We’re very excited to offer our new Direct Cool II to our worldwide customers as a user-friendly, safe, dual-position dry bath for both ASTM D5133 and D2983,” says Rob Gordon, Marketing and Sales Manager at Tannas Co.

Features and benefits of Direct Cool II include:

  • Thermoelectric Module Cooling (TMC), which eliminates flammable bath mediums.
  • Built-in touchscreen for easy-access temperature control settings and bath operations.
  • Ability to both pre-heat and precisely cool two samples per unit.
  • The Automation Package (w/laptop) offers the capability to operate up to four, 2-place Direct Cool II units simultaneously and independently.

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About Tannas Co.: Tannas Co. (ISO 9001:2015) is a global leader in manufacturing and the sales of precision laboratory instruments for routine testing and advanced research & development of engine oils, lubricants, and related fluids. We dedicate ourselves to serving our customers, large and small — listening carefully to their concerns and needs — responding with intelligent action — transforming their concerns into satisfaction and their needs into mutual opportunities.