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Low-Temperature Viscosity | Cloud & Pour Point

Test Methods 

  • ASTM D2983
  • ASTM D97
  • ASTM D2500
  • ASTM D5853
  • IP 15, 219, 267, 441
  • DIN 51398

Models Available

  • BLB 701 +30°C to –40°C (86°F to –40°F)
  • BLB 702 +30°C to –70°C (86°F to –94°F)
  • BLB DIN +30°C to –55°C (86°F to –67°F)

Low-Temperature Viscosity: The low-temperature viscosity of ATF’s, gear oils, hydraulic oils, and other fluid lubricants is measured by a rotational viscometer after cooling to a predetermined temperature for 16 hours.

King Cloud & Pour Point Bath: The King Cloud & Pour Point Bath measures the low temperature cloud point and pour point of petroleum products—an index of the lowest temperature of its utility for certain applications. There are currently no ASTM methods for automated D97 Pour Point measurements. The BLB offers the manual testing technique and a self-contained refrigeration system with ramp/soak temperature programming ability. This standard King instrument is a cost effective and user friendly alternative to expensive automated devices.

With ASTM D2983, low-temperature studies by automobile manufacturers began in the 1950s due to the failure of automatic transmissions in cold temperatures. In 1971, a procedure was written and accepted as ASTM D2983. The original technique used a Balsa wood block to hold samples in a cold air cabinet. The samples were removed from the cabinet and tested with a rotational, bench-top Viscometer. In the mid-1990s, Tannas developed and patented the SimAir® Test Cell for use in a constant temperature liquid bath to dramatically improve the test operation, usability, and precision.

The Cloud Point (ASTM D2500) test method for petroleum products and biodiesel fuels was originally approved in 1966. The cloud point is the temperature of a liquid sample when the smallest observable cluster of hydrocarbon crystals first appears at the bottom of the test jar when cooled under prescribed conditions and examined periodically.

Pour Point method (ASTM D97) was originally approved by ASTM in 1927 and is still used today as the manual technique for pour point testing. The lowest temperature at which movement of the sample is observed is recorded as the pour point.

  • Unique Tannas SimAir® Test Cells provide proper sample temperature control for accurate, precise results and permits each test cell to operate independently, increasing productivity.
  • Features a 12-position carousel with 12 independent sample cells
  • BLB models: Capable of measuring a broad temperature range of +30°C to –70°C (BLB702) and +30°C to –40°C (BLB 701).
  • SimAir®/DIN model: Capable of measuring a broad temperature range of +30°C to –55°C.
  • Fully self-contained internal hermetic refrigeration system – no external refrigeration units or controllers needed.
  • Digital temperature controller keeps bath temperature within +/- 0.1°C.
  • Small benchtop footprint with large illuminated viewing window.
  • Includes top mount for viscometer (viscometer available separately).
  • The internal air system provides a continuous blanket of dry air over samples to eliminate moisture buildup.
  • Safety features include a high-pressure cutout, high-temperature limits, and low-level shutdown.
  • CE Mark

LNP-5  | Low-Temperature Newtonian Oil

Contact King Refrigeration for additional reference oils to run ASTM D2983 or DIN 51398.

170200: King BLB Low-Temperature Liquid Bath (-40°C) – Model BLB 701, 220V, 50/60 Hz Power
180100: King BLB Low-Temperature Liquid Bath (-70°C) – Model BLB 702, 220V, 50/60 Hz Power
170400: King BLB Low-Temperature Liquid Bath – Model BLB DIN, 220V, 50/60 Hz Power

King BLB & DIN Accessories and Spare Parts
100235: Test Cell Assembly – SimAir®
170019: Test Cell Assembly – DIN 51398
170018: Glass Stator – DIN 51398
100236: Glass Stator – SimAir® (D2983)
100019: Viscometer – Digital, 220V
100005: Viscometer – Touchscreen, 220V
350190: Desiccant Assembly (with tubing)
550175: Media Refill – Desiccant (1 lb. / 0.45 Kg)
170028: Holding Rack – Test Cell
170033: Storage Block – Spindle
950496: Stir Bar – Magnetic

The patented SimAir® Test Cells utilize a unique air-gap between the test sample and the liquid bath medium to simulate the original air bath method.

The BLB Test Cell Carousel accommodates twelve (12) samples, allows convenient alignment of each cell to the appropriate test position, and holds both SimAir® and DIN glassware.

A user-friendly touchscreen viscometer facilitates D2983 and DIN 51398 testing.

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