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The Digital Exit Air Meter (DEAM) is a digital air totalizer for use with the Tannas Foam Air Bath (TFAB) or any device for measuring foam characteristics. By totalizing the air used during the 5-minute flow period, the DEAM ensures there are no leaks in the system and verifies the proper volume of air has adequately passed through the Diffuser and into each sample being tested.

The use of a device such as the DEAM is required, per ASTM D892, which states, “The total volume of air leaving the foaming test apparatus shall be measured by a volume measuring device capable of measuring gas volumes of about 470 mL.” The only exception is when applying the Alternative Procedure section of the D892 method. Since the method requires an airflow rate of 94 mL ± 5 mL over a 5-minute blowing period, the value reported by the DEAM must be 470 mL ± 25 mL for the test run to conform to the method.

ASTM D6082 does not require the use of the DEAM, but states that the use of such a device helps detect leaks. The ASTM D6082 method requires the total volume of air after a test be 1000 mL ± 25 mL since it requires an airflow rate of 200 mL ± 5 mL over a 5-minute blowing period.

The DEAM features an LCD display for enhanced readability and ease of use, as well as an in-line filter to ensure the wetted materials of the sensor stay oilfree.

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