Tannas Company and King Refrigeration claim proud membership in the Savant Group of companies. The Savant Group comprises five multi-faceted companies offering unique specialty services in the field of lubricant development and analyses and a manufacturing company specializing in precision machined parts used in high-end instruments and equipment. Affiliated companies include Savant Laboratories (an independent testing laboratory, research and consulting firm), the Institute of Materials (IOM), and Excell Manufacturing, Inc.

The Savant Group of companies now enjoys its second generation of family ownership. The organization began in 1969 by Theodore W. Selby as a materials consulting firm with an emphasis on lubrication.

In 1973, in response to the growing need for independent laboratory facilities to complement his consulting activities, Mr. Selby opened a small, limited laboratory for the testing and evaluation of lubricants, particularly as they relate to the transportation industry.

Through the intervening years, the laboratory grew to become a model laboratory for the industry, renowned for its ability to develop ways to meet unique client requests, and for its commitment to quality data and timeliness of reporting. Consequently, several test methods, as well as unique instrumentation, have been developed in Savant Laboratories and those now represent accepted standards of the industry.

Tannas Co. History

Aware of the ever-present need in the mechanized world for continuous development of instruments and methods to aid in the formulation and quality assessment of lubricants, the Tannas Co. began in 1981 as the manufacturing and marketing arm of the instrument developments from Savant Laboratories.

Now recognized as a global manufacturer and marketer of highly specialized laboratory instruments for lubricant and chemical testing, Tannas continues to develop instruments as the petroleum and lubrication industries expand.

Notable Tannas instruments and tests that are patented and included in international engine oil specifications are:

• the Tapered Bearing Simulator Viscometer (TBS),
• the Quantum® Oxidation Tester,
• the low-temperature pumpability test,
• the Thin Film Oxidation Uptake Test (TFOUT), and
• the Thermo-oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test (TEOST).

Tannas manufactures high-quality, high-precision instruments carefully assembled by in-house craftsmen. Each instrument we manufacture is fully commissioned by a Tannas Certified Engineer.

Tannas employees are known for excellence and the unique ability to envision and forecast future industry trends to provide the most precise and reliable measuring techniques possible. 


Our people understand the needs and opportunities within various technical fields, and they open new frontiers of understanding with Tannas’ instruments. Our people, our passion, and our precision help distinguish our instruments within the petroleum and chemical industries.

For over 40 years, Tannas’ dedication to excellent customer service contributed to our worldwide recognition and sales throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, North and South East Asia, China, and the Middle East. Purchasers of our instruments include oil producers, blenders, additive companies, independent testing laboratories, automotive manufacturers, educational institutions, and others involved in the oil and lubricant industry.

King Refrigeration History

King Refrigeration, Inc. develops advanced refrigeration techniques
for instruments that are simple to use, reliable and efficient. Established in 1932, King was acquired and folded into the Savant Group of companies in 1994. The company originally manufactured low-temperature equipment such as circulating chiller baths and Cloud/Pour Point units for the automotive, petroleum, and chemical industries.

More recently, with the increasing demand to determine the low-temperature properties and performance of fluids, we have incorporated our advanced technology into new liquid bath designs, direct refrigeration dry baths for safety, and multi-function laboratory baths for budgetary advantages. Whether the need is for rapid cooling rates, very low temperatures, temperature control or efficient/compact designs, King Refrigeration offers innovative choices for the industries served.

At Tannas Co. and King Refrigeration, we take pride in
offering quality products along with one of the best
service departments in the industry.

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