Instrument Certification & Preventive Maintenance

Instrument Certification

We know that your instrument purchase is an investment and you expect it to produce consistent and reliable data. That’s why our trained Instrument Engineers take meticulous steps to professionally calibrate and certify each instrument according to precise specifications, often exceeding the precision limits set forth by ASTM and CEC method protocols. Every instrument we ship is fully certified and tested at our factory.

Should your instrument ever need an upgrade or repair, we will encourage the purchase of a re-certification package to ensure your instrument performs at an optimum level prior to its return. Pricing for calibration and re-certification services vary by instrument. Please contact us for pricing information.

Preventive Maintenance

To keep your instrument functioning at its highest level, Tannas Company and King Refrigeration strongly recommend an annual Preventive Maintenance (PM) visit by one of our trained Instrument Engineers. Most of our instruments have parameters that need verification at least once every twelve months. Additionally, a PM visit addresses any calibrations, adjustments, or internal cleaning that your instrument needs. This proactive approach helps prevent possible issues that could lead to unnecessary down-time. It also helps identify problems far enough in advance, before damage to expensive parts might occur.

During a PM visit, we perform the necessary calibrations and adjustments that return the instrument to its original operating condition. Depending on your needs, we also offer on-site training, and consultation, and answer any questions or concerns you have about the instrument, testing process, or data collection software.


Our manufacturing and testing teams take meticulous steps to ensure your instrument exceeds all expectations.

A Preventive Maintenance (PM) visit will help ensure the longevity of your instrument.

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