Quality Assurance

As wise servants to the industry, we strive to manufacture instruments that provide precise and reliable test results. We accomplish this through proactive procedures that specify the exact manufacturing process, specific requirements for the components used, and detailed testing procedures to certify the performance of each instrument prior to shipment.

To ensure that our instruments provide accurate and consistent results, we evaluate each component used to manufacture the instrument. Each instrument is also evaluated at different points in the manufacturing process to make sure that it meets predefined requirements. Once the instrument has completed the manufacturing process, it enters our testing lab. The instrument then endures a series of tests to certify that it operates within the ASTM precision requirements and our own internal requirements which are tighter than published precision requirements.

Additional portions of our QA process include the test methods and training protocols employed by both our manufacturing technicians and instrument engineers. Both groups must follow specific procedures to ensure that the instruments are manufactured and tested consistently according to the appropriate ASTM method.

We also provide training to our customers and distributors. We offer advanced training opportunities and consultations through our certified Instrument Engineers. For more information on these options, please visit the Installation & Training page or complete the Service & Training Request Form.

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