Installation and Training

Once your instrument completes the manufacturing phase and begins the certification process in our testing laboratory, we will ask you to prepare for the shipment and on-site installation. Our Instrument Engineers will work with you to schedule a mutually convenient installation date. Most instruments can be installed and commissioned in 1-2 days depending on the equipment, accessories, and amount of required training.

During an installation visit, we collaborate with you to determine the ideal location for setup. The instrument, parts, and accessories get unpacked and inspected to ensure no damage occurred during shipping. Once inspected, you will receive training on the internal components of the instrument as well as basic troubleshooting tips and calibration/maintenance procedures. During the final stages of the installation visit, we will perform the final tests to calibrate and certify the instrument. This testing encompasses detailed theoretical and practical training. Before our Instrument Engineer(s) leave your facility, any fully trained operators will receive a certificate which allows them to train other personnel in your facility.

Advanced Training & Consultation

We offer flexible and advanced training opportunities to accommodate your busy schedule. Our Instrument Engineers can visit your facility to train multiple operators at once, or we can host a training session at our laboratory in Midland, MI. Either way, these focused sessions allow us to give you more personalized learning opportunities beyond what can be accomplished during some installations. We look forward to specifically addressing your unique questions and concerns.

Our Instrument Engineers take meticulous steps to fully qualify and certify each instrument we service and manufacture.


One of our certified Instrument Engineers, or one of our global distributors, will facilitate the installation of your instrument at your facility.

Our advanced training and consultation visits are designed to meet your specific needs and answer your unique questions.

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