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Non-Liquid RPVOT Oxidation Test 

New and Improved!

Test Methods

  • ASTM D2272, D2112
  • ASTM D4742
  • ASTM 7098
  • IP 229

The Quantum® Oxidation Tester is the only field-proven non-liquid RPVOT (formerly known as RBOT) instrument in the industry used for evaluating oxidation resistance over a broad range of oils and lubricants.

Widely used for base oil comparisons and as a condition monitoring tool for turbine oils.

  • Front-loading, easily accessible pressure chamber.
  • Small, bench-top footprint. No laptop or PC required.
  • Non-liquid ‘Dry-Cylinder’ sample heating — eliminates hot, hazardous, liquid bath mess and odor.
  • Automated fill and purge control.
  • Integrated controls and data acquisition with touchscreen
  • Onboard test data storage.
  • Integrated Water Calibration.
  • Live graph of test data.
  • LED lighting scheme based on operating condition.
  • Closed loop motor speed control (no calibration required).
  • Lower power usage (20 – 30%).
  • Lower heat loss, improving external instrument temperature.
  • USB ports to transfer records to flash drive or PC.
  • Automated test report submission over Ethernet (full or restricted network).

QHR | RPVOT Reference Oil for ASTM D2272
QMR | RPVOT Reference Oil for ASTM D2272
TFOUT IIID | Catalyst “A” for ASTM D4742
TFOUT IIIE | Catalyst “B” for ASTM D7098

For a complete listing of part numbers and available container sizes of Tannas Reference Oils, please review the Tannas Reference Oils & Catalysts Parts List.

Visit our Certified Reference Materials page to download SDS sheets or Oil Certificates.

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