Quantum® Pro Oxidation Tester

Non-Liquid RPVOT Oxidation Test 

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Test Methods

  • ASTM D2272, D2112 RPVOT
  • ASTM D4742, D7098 TFOUT
  • IP 229

The Quantum® Pro Oxidation Tester is the latest iteration of the industry-leading instrument used for evaluating oxidation resistance over a broad range of oils and lubricants. It features several advanced capabilities that make it an even more essential tool for those in the oil and lubricant testing industry running ASTM D2272, D2112, D4742, and D7098 test methods.

  • Front-loading, easily accessible pressure chamber.
  • Small, bench-top footprint. No laptop or PC required.
  • Non-liquid ‘Dry-Cylinder’ sample heating — eliminates hot, hazardous, liquid bath mess and odor.
  • Automated fill and purge control.
  • Integrated controls and data acquisition with touchscreen interface.
  • Onboard test data storage.
  • Integrated Water Calibration.
  • Live graph of test data.
  • LED lighting scheme based on operating condition.
  • Closed loop motor speed control (no calibration required).
  • Lower power usage (20 – 30%).
  • Lower heat loss, improving external instrument temperature.
  • USB ports to transfer records to flash drive or PC.
  • Automated test report submission over Ethernet (full or restricted network).

QHR | RPVOT Reference Oil for ASTM D2272
QMR | RPVOT Reference Oil for ASTM D2272
TFOUT IIID | Catalyst “A” for ASTM D4742
TFOUT IIIE | Catalyst “B” for ASTM D7098

For a complete listing of part numbers and available container sizes of Tannas Reference Oils, please review the Tannas Reference Oils & Catalysts Parts List.

Visit our Certified Reference Materials page to download SDS sheets or Oil Certificates.

New Features

  • HMI Touchscreen (no laptop/PC required)
  • Integrated Water Calibration
  • Automated Fill and Purge
  • LED Lighting Scheme
  • And More!

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Quantum® Pro Oxidation Tester


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